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A Fully Customized CRM Platform

We provide our client with a more user friendly option

We’ve been fans of Microsoft’s Business Contact Manager product since its launch, even though it was riddled with idiosyncrasies that limited the product’s initial appeal. But the idea of a customizable CRM package operated entirely within Microsoft Outlook was good enough that it caused us to keep …

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Web Development and Regulatory Aspects

Part III in a series analyzing social media and RIAs

In Part I, we discussed some of the perils of social media use relative to the RIA business model. But, we also identified two legitimate uses, in our opinion, of social media for RIAs – content distribution and social networking. Part II dealt specifically with the …

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Content Distribution and Social Media

Part II in a series analyzing social media and RIAs

In Part I of this topic, we identified the two best uses, in our opinion, of the social media explosion that RIAs should leverage right now. We believe RIAs should (1) exploit the segregative nature of social media for the purpose of high quality media-based content distribution

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