Capital Investment Services Client Testimonial

In their own words with work examples

Axys Customization

When we were first contacted by Capital in 1998, the firm was in the process of transitioning from Data Exchange to Advent Axys and was struggling with replicating client and management reports in Axys that were previously generated in Data Exchange. One of our clients referred our services to the firm, and we were brought in to create these custom reports required by the firm before it could completely transition away from Data Exchange.

Moxy Gets Replaced

After recreating the desired reports, the firm’s staff expressed dissatisfaction with Advent’s Moxy trading platform that had been installed alongside Axys. So we sat down with portfolio managers, traders, and operations staff, listened to their needs and desires, and subsequently developed replacement equity and fixed income trading platforms, run entirely within Axys.

Current Work

Today, we manage the firm’s Axys installation, its installed IT resources, and its multiple disaster recovery contingency plans. We also provide our full array of marketing and content creation services for the establishment and maintenance of the firm’s online brand. Some examples of our marketing work for this firm can be viewed below.