Back Office Management

About the only constant in the world of technology is change. Even the rate of change has changed dramatically over the past five years. It can literally be a full time job just keeping pace with the ever escalating tech phenomenon. Although the incredible capabilities delivered to end users from recent technological advancements are welcomed, the concomitant increase in complexity definitely is not.

What Makes Us Different

Integrated Advisor Solutions specializes in insulating your firm from the complexities of modern technology while presenting you with all of its benefits. We have provided comprehensive technology implementation and management services for investment advisory firms for nearly 20 years. We differentiate ourselves from other providers by way of our thorough comprehension of the RIA business model. We understand your firm’s daily operations and know exactly how to leverage your firm’s investment in technology resources to maximize scales of efficiency made possible through all of these technological advancements.

Technology Management

Whether you need reliable access to your firm’s data down the hall on your desktop PC or across the country on a tablet, we can provide and maintain the necessary framework. We implement proven network technology and manage your resources according to your firm’s operational preferences. We have partnered with industry leaders possessing key technology solutions most relevant to the RIA business model. As a result, our clients have been relieved of the burden of day-to-day technology management enabling them to focus on growing their businesses.

Compliance & Risk Analysis

We have served as a compliance advocate for our clients for over 15 years. By combining our back office expertise with our knowledge of the regulatory environment, we are uniquely positioned to perform risk analysis and compliance verification for our clients. Additionally, we serve as a technical resource during SEC audits bringing clarity to issues that are often beyond the technical understanding of field agents.