Disaster Recovery Hosting

Integrated Advisor Solutions takes the guesswork out of your disaster recovery planning and implementation. We offer fully managed and hosted enterprise-grade options using the latest backup and virtualization technologies that will meet your firm’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) regardless of the severity of the disaster.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Your dataset is continuously replicated from your location to our data center over a secure VPN, creating a private cloud infrastructure, and stored in an encrypted format on a virtual machine authenticated against your local domain. All replicated datasets from our clients are perfectly segregated and can never commingle on committed hardware resources.

Multiple Options to Meet Your Needs

In the event of a disaster, we can recover lost data instantly and make that data available for production purposes within minutes, not hours or days as is typical of other backup and recovery solutions. If your office is lost, we can virtualize your entire firm’s installed IT infrastructure within our data center, restoring back office connections to custodians and service providers to ensure proper data reconciliation between your firm’s dataset and those from third parties. Each employee’s desktop can be recreated and pushed to virtually any device anywhere in the world with Internet connectivity allowing your firm to continue to operate safely and securely in a private cloud environment.