Technology Solutions for RIAs

Leverage advanced technologies - ditch the learning curve

We implement technology solutions designed to maximize your firm’s return on investment. But we do so in a manner that shields the complexities of technology from your employees. As a result, your firm profits from scales of efficiency offered by modern technologies without having to ascend the associated learning curves. Listed below are the three areas of technology expertise we offer your firm.

Release the Power of Axys

If your firm uses Advent Axys, we can develop custom solutions designed to conform this portfolio management system to function on your terms. From custom reports to third party interface development efforts, we have extensive experience creating solutions to problems commonly encountered within the RIA back office.

Keep Your Data in Axys

If your firm is using Axys, then you have likely already made a significant investment in this highly reliable platform. Additionally, your employees are likely well versed in its operations. We can solve your operations headaches and give you a reason to remain with this platform.

Business Process Improvement

If your firm is struggling to maximize the operational efficiency of repetitive tasks, we have the ability to evaluate these processes, your desired workflow, and subsequently create solutions, unique to your firm, that are designed to maximize the capabilities of Axys.

We have created custom workflow solutions for countless RIAs in the following areas:

  • Trading
  • Billing
  • Rebalancing
  • Tax lot management
  • Performance reporting

Focus on Your Business, Not Technology

Whether you need reliable access to your firm’s data down the hall on your desktop PC or across the country on a tablet, we can provide and maintain the necessary framework. We implement proven network technology and manage your resources according to your firm’s operational preferences. As a result, your firm is relieved of the burden of day-to-day management enabling you to focus on growing your business.

We Don’t Keep Score

Unlike other service providers, we offer 24/7/365 support, without the accompanying time clock, for one affordable monthly fee. We offer same-day response and a turn-around time of less than 24 hours, including nights and weekends. Your mission critical data deserves nothing less!

Regulatory Guidance

By combining our back office expertise with our knowledge of the regulatory environment, we are uniquely positioned to perform risk analysis and compliance verification for your firm. Additionally, we serve as a technical resource during regulatory audits, possessing over 15 years of audit experience. We bring clarity to issues that are often beyond the technical understanding of field agents.

Master Your Business Continuity Plan

Allow us to remove the guesswork from your disaster recovery planning and implementation. We manage and host your recovery options using the latest backup and virtualization technologies that will meet your firm’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO) regardless of the severity of the disaster.

How It Works

Your dataset is continuously replicated from your location to our data center over a secure VPN, creating a private cloud infrastructure, and is stored in an encrypted format on a virtual machine authenticated against your local domain. Your data is perfectly segregated from other firms’ data and can never commingle on committed hardware resources.

When Your Site Loses Data

In the event of a disaster, we recover your lost data instantly and make that data available for production purposes within minutes, not hours or days as is typical of other backup and recovery solutions.

When You Lose Your Site

If your office is lost, we virtualize your entire firm’s installed IT infrastructure within our data center, restoring back office connections to custodians and service providers to ensure proper data reconciliation between your firm’s dataset and those from third parties.

Each employee’s desktop can be recreated and pushed to virtually any device anywhere allowing your firm to continue to operate safely and securely in a private cloud environment until you re-establish a physical location.