Deliver Custom Axys Performance Reports

How to accommodate unique client reporting requests and maintain your sanity

We’re big fans of automating as many quarter-end reporting tasks as possible. So when one of our clients approached us last week trying to choose between creating and maintaining a custom Excel spreadsheet or modifying an Advent Axys catalog performance report for the purpose of reporting specific periodic performance data in a specific format for one specific client using a consolidated portfolio group, we wholeheartedly recommended the custom performance report option. First, the data already exists in Axys, so it’s almost always best to keep it there and exploit its availability to the reporting engine. Secondly, since our client uses a quarter-end reporting packaging system, it’s a relatively simple procedure to create a custom package of reports for a client as long as the desired Axys reports are available.

Ordinarily, it’s exactly these types of reporting exceptions and special requests from clients that kill the automation efficiency of an RIA’s back office. However, in this case, after we customized a standard Axys catalog report, our client now has the ability to deliver a customized performance reporting package tailored specifically to the desires of a single client.

If you would like to learn how we can help your firm manage individual client requests like this one without frustrating your operations staff, contact us today!

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