Reformatting the Axys Historical Performance Report

Reducing complexity without using Excel

Using Excel to occasionally reformat Axys reports can be convenient; however, for maximum scalability, we generally find it best to customize the code of the particular report in question so it prints exactly what you’d like to see directly within Axys. Doing so eliminates all extra processing outside of Axys, potentially saving a massive chunk of time during quarter-end reporting.

Facing this very scenario, one of our clients contacted us hoping to eliminate their quarter-end Excel formatting overhead. Specifically, they were looking to simplify the presentation of their Axys historical performance data without having to dump all of their clients’ performance reports into Excel.

Using our knowledge of Advent’s Replang, we were able to transform our client’s hopes into reality which continues to save the firm a significant amount of quarter-end processing time.

If you would like to change the presentation of Axys-produced data without incurring additional quarter-end reporting overhead, contact us! We can help you transform your vision into reality.

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