Custom APX Performance Report

Extending APX performance reporting to Axys

Recently, we were asked to accompany one of our clients to a local Advent Users Group meeting in order to provide our take on a few topics slated for discussion. At that meeting, one of Advent’s product managers gave a presentation on APX which included a discussion of future product enhancements and revised reports. One APX report in particular caught the eye of our client because of its presentation of historical performance combined with market commentary. When asked if Advent intended to deliver the report to Axys users, the response was, “Sorry, it’s an APX only report.”

Of course, that answer didn’t discourage us after evaluating the report’s layout and function. Nor did it discourage our client who immediately commissioned us with recreating the demonstrated report’s functionality under Axys since they had no immediate plans to migrate to APX. With a little bit of effort on our part, we were able to successfully recreate that functionality in an Axys report for our client. Click the thumbnail image to the right for a larger view of a sample report.

The main premise of this performance report is to provide multiple, customizable historical performance periods followed by relevant market commentary. During their quarter end reporting process, our client decides which performance periods to display and adds the appropriate market commentary to the report. In a very short period of time, this report has become our client’s primary performance history report included with their quarterly packages.

If your firm is using Axys and you have some ideas about custom performance reports you’d like to see generated from Axys, give us a call!

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