Technology, operations, & marketing topics relevant to today's RIAs

The Adversarial Broker/RIA Relationship

Earlier this week I was asked what we do at Integrated Advisor Solutions. Of course my first thought was, “Go visit our website.” Instead, I proceeded to explain how our mission is to provide technologically advanced solutions common to the RIA business model that enable our clients …

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Can Dell Reinvent Itself?

I received an interesting email from Michael Dell yesterday evening detailing Dell’s ongoing relationship with Integrated Advisor Solutions. We’ve been a Preferred Provider for Dell for many years, so we’ve always had somewhat of an inside track into the company’s roadmap – one recently littered with disparate …

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Deliver Custom Axys Performance Reports

How to accommodate unique client reporting requests and maintain your sanity

We’re big fans of automating as many quarter-end reporting tasks as possible. So when one of our clients approached us last week trying to choose between creating and maintaining a custom Excel spreadsheet or modifying an Advent Axys catalog performance report for the purpose of reporting specific …

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Cloud Computing and RIAs

The changing face of IT

I’m old enough to remember the “dumb terminals” and “big iron” used throughout the financial services sector back in the 1980′s and even into the mid 1990′s. Of course, the proliferation of inexpensive personal computers combined with the graphical user interface was largely responsible for displacing all …

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Inbound Marketing for RIAs

Leverage the power of online search

The global marketing landscape is quietly undergoing a significant transformation due to recent technological trends. We believe this transformation will mandate a paradigm shift be embraced by your firm with respect to its marketing efforts if your firm desires to remain visible in the eyes of your …

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Website Development for RIAs

Leveraging modern tools for online branding purposes

In Social Media for RIAs Part III, I made the case for increasing your firm’s online exposure by driving traffic to your website and allowing viewers to share your website content via their social media use, not your firm’s social media use. This article is going …

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Web Development and Regulatory Aspects

Part III in a series analyzing social media and RIAs

In Part I, we discussed some of the perils of social media use relative to the RIA business model. But, we also identified two legitimate uses, in our opinion, of social media for RIAs – content distribution and social networking. Part II dealt specifically with the …

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Content Distribution and Social Media

Part II in a series analyzing social media and RIAs

In Part I of this topic, we identified the two best uses, in our opinion, of the social media explosion that RIAs should leverage right now. We believe RIAs should (1) exploit the segregative nature of social media for the purpose of high quality media-based content distribution

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Social Media for RIAs

Part I of III in a comprehensive analysis series

The topic of social media use by the registered investment advisory community, including the how, where, why and when, merits a pretty thorough discussion; and it is one which we have been really excited to share with the community. Because of the complexity of the topic, one …

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When Mayhem Strikes

The importance of having a proven DR plan in place

When I received a call from one of our clients today regarding missing data, I was reminded of that insurance company’s series of commercials where the actor represents the embodiment of mayhem. During the hectic nature of quarter-end reporting and an attempted upgrade (not performed by us) …

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