Modern Axys Reports

If you approach the issue from a perspective that uses Axys to feed its data to an external reporting solution, then a whole new world of potential emerges…

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Graphic Design

With increased competition coming from all directions, it’s critical now more than ever for investment advisory firms to really define who they are so their target markets will draw the desired conclusions when evaluating potential investment managers. This method of …

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Investment Approach

We’re pretty strong advocates for using video, over and above the printed word, to help RIAs distribute their intellectual capital. The reasons are fairly straightforward:

For this project, we first helped our client define their investment approach – generally the …

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Custom CRM Solution

We’ve been fans of Microsoft’s Business Contact Manager product since its launch, even though it was riddled with idiosyncrasies that limited the product’s initial appeal. But the idea of a customizable CRM package operated entirely within Microsoft Outlook was good …

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Historical Performance

Using Excel to occasionally reformat Axys reports can be convenient; however, for maximum scalability, we generally find it best to customize the code of the particular report in question so it prints exactly what you’d like to see directly within …

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APX Report for Axys

Recently, we were asked to accompany one of our clients to a local Advent Users Group meeting in order to provide our take on a few topics slated for discussion. At that meeting, one of Advent’s product managers gave a …

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